Turning in Load Documents

Driver MUST turn in a signed BOL for every load delivered!

When delivering a load, driver MUST have the receiver sign the Bill of Lading/Manifest before driver leaves the yard.

If driver leaves without getting Bill of Lading/Manifest signed, driver will not be paid for that load.

Turning in load information

Once Driver has finished delivering the load and has the signed Bill of Lading/Manifest, driver is to take a picture of the paper documents with his/her Smartphone and upload them to

  1. Under Driver Resources, please select the BOL MANIFEST UPLOAD option
  2. Enter the password
  3. In the drop down box, select your name
  4. Upload/take pictures of the BOL’s
  5. Click Submit

Please make sure the BOL/Manifest is legible, if it is not; please ask for a clean copy to submit.


Viewing your weekly Payroll


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