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Introducing our new Operations Manager



William Kreps

Operations Manager

My name is William Kreps, but I go by Wil.  I am excited to join the Hawk team as the Operations Manager.  I have been in the Transportation industry for 20 years.  Most of my experience has been in Alaska, driving to the farthest northern point Prudhoe Bay, including ice roads. south to Homer and travelled the Canadian Cassiar Highway to Seattle.  I graduated from the University of Alaska Anchorage in 2015 with a degree in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management.   I moved to Tucson in 2018 to help my family.  My father was a pilot in the Air Force, I grew up all over the place.  In my free time I enjoy flying and keeping up with my favorite Rugby teams.  I am looking forward to working with everyone and helping the Hawk family grow.


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